Sundowners-Tours is a one of the very best, and offers you tours that are uniquely and unforgettably stunning, a tour company in mpumalanga south-africa, that will look after you and give you only the best service that you deserve. We would like to give you the ultimate african experience of each tour we provide;
whether it be day tours, half day tours, unlimited adventure activities and accommodation, you name it we arrange it !!!

Sundowners-Tours was established in 2008, our passion in life is to give the guest the opportunity to experience africa in a different way, we have been dreaming about this for a very long time and now, we can live the dream with you. We love every minute of it, different cultures and guests from other countries getting together ,we make them feel at home in Africa ,even if they are far from home; we'll make you so comfortable that mpumalanga will be your home away from home.

Accomodation of all varieties whether it be guest houses, lodges, Hotels etc we provide.

Experience Africa as never seen before  

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